The Abraxas
Voice Institute


Reading and Viewing List

Wolfsohn / Hart - Psychology

Required:           Orpheus or the Way to a Mask                   Alfred Wolfsohn

                          Dark Voices                                            Noah Pikes

                          Life or Theatre?                                        Charlotte Salomon                  

                          The Case of Sigmund Freud                        Sander L. Gilman

                          Re-Visioning Psychology                             James Hillman

                          Power in the Helping Professions                  Adolf Guggenbühl-Craig

                          Jung: A Life                                            Deidre Bair

                          The Borderline Personality                          Nathan Schwartz-Salant

Recommended: The Psychopathology of Everyday Life            Sigmund Freud

                         The Empty Soul                                        Adolf Guggenbühl-Craig

                         Modern Man in Search of a Soul                  C. G. Jung

                         Psychoanalysis: The Impossible Profession       Janet Malcolm

                         Bollingen                                                  William McGuire

                         Cult Fictions                                             Sonu Shamdasani

                         Inter Views                                               James Hillman

                         Hermes and His Children                            Lopez Pedraza

                         The Betrayal of the Soul in Psychotherapy        Robert Stein

                         The Great Mother                                       Eric Neumann

                         Pagan Meditations                                      Ginette Paris


Required:          The Bacchae                                              Euripides (Boer trans.)

                         The Divine Comedy: Inferno                         Dante

                         Faust                                                       Goethe                        

                         The Tempest                                              William Shakespeare

                         A Midsummer Night’s Dream                      William Shakespeare

                         Hamlet                                                      William Shakespeare

                         Moby Dick                                                 Herman Melville

                        Ovid’s Metamorphoses                                   (Boer trans.)

                        The Sonnets of Michelangelo

                        Macbeth                                                      William Shakespeare

                       Call Me Ishmael                                            Charles Olson

                       The Sonnets of Orpheus                                   Rainer Maria Rilke


Required:         A War Like No Other                                    Victor Davis Hanson

                       The Swerve                                                      Stephen Greenblatt

                       The Kingdom of Auschwitz: 1940-1945              Otto Friedrich
                        Balkan Ghosts                                                Robert Kaplan


                        The Guns of August                                         Barbara Tuchman

                        The Peacemakers                                              Margaret MacMillian

Dreams / Mysticism

Required:         The Occult Establishment                                  James Webb

                        Memories, Dreams, and Reflections                     C. G. Jung & Aniele Jaffe

                        The Dream and the Underworld                          James Hillman

                        Our Dreaming Mind                                        Robert Van de Castle


                         The Interpretation of Dreams                            Sigmund Freud                       

                         Dreams in Late Antiquity                               Patricia Cox

                         Myths, Dreams & Mysteries                            Mircea Eliade

                         A Little Course in Dreams                              Robert Bosnak

                         Call No Man Master                                     Joyce Colin-Smith

                         Shamanism                                                   Mircea Eliade

                         The I Ching or Book of Changes                       (Wilhelm / Baynes trans.)


Required:           Will in the World                                          Stephan Greenblatt

                          Oscar Wilde                                                 Richard Ellmann            

                          Chaplin                                                       Bill Robinson

                          My Life in Art                                             Constantin Stanislavski

                         Tim McCoy Remembers the West                      Tim McCoy

                         Fun in a Chinese Laundry                                Josef von Sternberg


                         Magnifico                                                       Miles Unger

                         Lord Rochester’s Monkey                                  Graham Greene

                         Buffalo Bill                                                     W. S. Meadmore

                         The Surrealists                                                Ruth Brandon

                         Wittgenstein’s Poker                                         David Edmonds


Required:          Ed Wood

                         The King’s Speech

                         The Libertine

                         The Blue Angel

                         Shakespeare in Love

                         The Kabinet of Dr. Caligari

                         Sunset Boulevard                  

                         La Dolce Vita


                        The Assasination of Jesse James

                        Bronco Billy

                        Body Double




                        The Godfather I & II

                        Ripley’s Game

                        The Night Porter

                        The Fall

                        Broken Flowers

                        The Scarlet Empress

                        All About Eve









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