The Abraxas
Voice Institute


The Abraxas Voice Institute Diploma

The aim of the Abraxas Voice Institute Diploma is to recognize a new area of expertise which combines the techniques and experience of the voice work of Alfred Wolfsohn and Roy Hart with the best elements of the psychoanalytic tradition. Therefore this diploma will be composed of a psychological component and a voice or performance element supplemented by specialized readings and seminars.

The goal of setting up this diploma is to train students to become practitioners in combining voice with psychology or psychology with voice. In addition this course of study for the diploma is designed to enhance and expand the knowledge and abilities, especially in the area of psychology, of recent Roy Hart Theatre certificate holders, teachers, and other professionals who use this work throughout the world.

This will be attained through a combination of three (
3)  required components. These are:

1) The Voice / Performance Component

A successful candidate will have an Abraxas Voice Institute Certificate.

2) The Psychological Component

All matriculating students for an Abraxas Voice Institute Diploma need to receive a minimum of three hundred and fifty (350) hours of psychological and psychoanalytical education and training. This is provided by professionals in the field of psychology in combination with instruction leading to a mastery of relevant texts in the history and ideas of psychoanalysis, analytical psychology, developmental psychology, and archetypal and post-archetypal psychology. The education in this area will be delivered through a combination of seminars, lectures, and readings using a combination of distant learning and classroom seminars offered in different locations. 

3) The Literature Component

All successful candidates will have a knowledge of the required texts in the AVI Reading List and will write three (3) short reports on three (3) works selected out of the reccomended texts in the List.

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