The Abraxas
Voice Institute

Certificates and Diploma

The Abraxas Voice Institute Certificate                                                    

To earn the Abraxas Voice Institute (AVI) certificate, a student shall have at least:

       a. A minimum of thirty (30) hours of individual voice lessons or the equivalent from an AVI recognized voice teacher, and

        b. A minimum of three hundred (300) hours of group training or the equivalent in a AVI recognized workshop, class, or course.

No further certificate or diploma in AVI work or training shall be awarded or recognized by any member or members of the AVI without the successful completion of these hours of work by a student and the granting of this certificate by the AVI.

For the purpose of administration, individual voice lessons may include lessons with one or two other persons working in a small group during an approved AVI workshop. However, if hours in a workshop are counted in this case towards individual hours, they cannot be counted also as workshop hours. In addition only individual work in a workshop done with the supervision of an approved AVI voice teacher will be counted towards one’s individual hours (individual hours with guest teachers do not apply).

Workshops include any workshop taught by an approved AVI voice teacher either at or outside the AVI in Southbridge, Massachusetts.

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